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Training Topics

Since 1999, I have worked as a trainer and speaker on issues surrounding eating disorders, body image and wellness. For the past six years, I have traveled the nation sharing my transition story with universities and communities, as well as helping professionals establish better comprehensive care and understandings surrounding LGBTQA issues.

University Programming Topics:

  • Eating Disorders: Beyond the numbers (a look into the internal struggles surrounding an eating disorder)
  • Male Body Image: How our society impacts young boys and men
  • Sexuality and Body Image: Understanding our sexual and sensual selves
  • The History of Dieting: The evolution of fad dieting
  • Women’s Dress Reform: Replacing the external corset to an internal confine
  • Women and Bodybuilding: A feminist movement
  • Gender Roles: Westernized society influence on learning and love
  • FTM: Scouting the Unknown – Ryan’s Transition Story
  • A Look into the History of Transgender Communities
  • Working with Transgender Clients (ideal for social work, psychology, criminal justice and medical students)
  • Triple T: Sneak peak (A view of the images used in Ryan’s upcoming book)
  • Sexual Orientation and Social Justice
  • Working with LGBT Youth
  • Bullying and Language in the School System

Professional Trainings Topics:

  • gender identity/expression
  • workplace transitions
  • hormone therapy
  • social/legal implications affecting the transgender community
  • LGB health care including risks, trends, and cultural competency surrounding the set up of clinics, forms and
  • doctor/patient interactions
  • working with eating disorders and body image issues.



2 Responses

  1. I am looking for a speaker for a group of nurses in August. It would be a 1 hour talk with a CME provide. Do you do this kins of thing? What is you speaker fee?

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